this is “Shores”, the first in a three part piece of work, which will be followed by “Plains” in early May, and “Mountains”, at the beginning of July. It’s the first time I try to depict my area in a cohesive and quite comprehensive way, but the documentary part is second to how I personally respond to the place I’ve been seeing since I can remember. The region where I live, Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northeast Italy, is very small, and mostly unknown. It's embedded, both geographically and historically, right between the north and the south, the east and the west. Its landscapes reflect that in a very precise way, and there’s so much variety in them, that I always get a certain sense of displacement, no matter how far I’m moving through it.

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These leporello-bound mini books are completely handmade, and each photo is a contact print from a 6x7 negative, printed by me in my darkroom. They are all intended as standalone series, but they will eventually form a single body of work in the end. Together with the last issue, next July, a box which will contain all of the three books will be offered too.

7,5 x 10,5 cm, 15 photos printed on Ilford RC paper. Edition of 100, all signed. Price is 20 Euro + shipping.

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first batch shipping from May, 16th

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(due July 2018)